The Inside Scoop For KL And Surrounding Areas

Few other cities can boast vibrancy the way Kuala Lumpur can. Affectionately known as KL, its sights and sounds will absolutely consume you. It is place of thrills for both visitors and residents. As a seasoned traveller, the different parts of Malaysia are not new to me. I have also made fruitful journeys and stayed in other awe-inspiring countries. In my opinion, however, KL has many unique qualities that that make it truly special !

With an ardent wish to share my experiences, I have created a site that highlights the best places to visit in KL (and some that are off the beaten track). I will also share the many activities that this sparkling city has to offer. KL is a shopper’s paradise; I also list selected businesses and services that that are worth mentioning to the visitors, local residents, expats etc.

Whether you are a die-hard shopper who must head downtown, or an intrepid explorer who wants to climb up Batu Caves, you will discover lots of sights and activities in KL. There are countless places for visitors to explore and endless things to do. You will not forget a trip to the sprawling Petronas towers. They are the tallest twin towers in the world, replacing the World Trade Center. The dynamism of Chinatown, too, will stay in your memory.

The food, too, is delightfully sinful. Chefs in KL prepare Malaysian cuisine that will make you salivate. Have delectable Nasi Lemak, one of Malaysia’s traditional dishes. The white, fluffy coconut rice and wonderfully crispy, fried chicken will leave you asking for second or third rounds. Find cuisine from other countries in cosmopolitan KL, from Japanese Udon to sumptuous American hamburgers. Try Malaysia’s version, the Ramly burger.

Prepare yourself for a warm welcome when you visit KL. The people are affable and attentive. Being Malaysia’s cultural heart, KL is a melting pot of traditions combined with upscale modernity. Racially diverse, KL is a mix of ethnic groups, the largest three being Malays, Chinese and Indians. They get along fabulously, despite their different traditions and extend the same friendly hospitality to visitors.

Shops and businesses, too, are absolutely bustling. While KL may not have facilities comparable to other mega cities, it is catching up at a speed that leaves you no time to catch your breath. The government has developed KL’s rail and transport systems rapidly in recent years. KL’s skyline is changing quickly, with new condominium and business developments appearing every day. The government policies are also ever so welcoming towards investors and start-up companies (both local and foreign).

Traveller’s and business guides to KL’s business venues, restaurants, events and entertainment are plenty. However, my site offers something different. Instead of presenting you with factual or aggregated data, I give opinionated and informative reviews. You can tell a lot about a place, business or service from an informed opinion.

Each page of this site highlights the best that KL and its outlying areas have to offer. You may have vastly different ideas, while I have other recommendations. I am more than happy to receive feedback and suggestions via email.

Do enjoy browsing this site and of course, exploring enchanting Kuala Lumpur!